Your Dreams need a Plan - Here are our tips

Change - it is as certain as death and taxes and the focus of this month's Time section blog.

Sometimes we push change. When we work towards a goal such as graduation, bootcamp, or job challenges... We celebrate its arrival and then seek out the next event.

Sometimes change hunts us down - stealth, slow, silent... like vapour. We don't notice the changes going on around us so we hold onto things which no longer serve us, like shirts with oversized shoulder pads, and slowly we slip away from the best fashion of ourselves. Change will come to us many times in our lives. We will live, change and live on. This is referred to as Life, Death, Life in The book "Women Who Run With the Wolves'.

The survival of the 3000 year old Sequoia trees in Yosemite are dependent on the change fire brings.Their seed cones are opened only by the fires' heat, which then fall onto the freshly cleared forest floor (Wildfires-PBS Yosemite). Suppressing change in ourselves and our households is like a forest without fire - unnaturally dense, potentially creating a volatile explosive situation.

The pandemic has brought about a wildfire of change and much of our user-base has expressed appreciation for the "Dream Prototyping" section of our site to help them to not only adjust, but to begin moving forward towards their new goals. We share our unstructured un-stylized basics with you in this article so you may use it on your own or join us anytime here. You are welcome whenever you are ready.

  1. Mourn things which are forever changed. It could be a job, your favourite cafe or friends relocating. Recognizing that the end of something has deeply upset you is the first stage of moving towards your next stage of life.

  2. Cherish your well-being and use a positive daily reward system to get those feel good hormones going.

  3. Kick start your dreams by prototyping them. Write them down and begin to think about what you are looking to get out of them or if there may be simpler ways to achieve what you are looking for. Ironically, one of the dreams I documented was "to spend an entire season skiing". On examination I realized it was more about having three uninterrupted months with my husband and daughter than the skiing... Be careful what you wish for.

  4. Ditch Dreams which do not deserve more of your attention. This is an important step.

  5. For those Dreams you have decided to commit to, consider what you are willing to give up to make them happen. A Dream is like a new born baby. It needs you to make space in your day and financial budgets.

  6. Give each Dream a picture to give it a presence in your daily life. Visioning is a proven method to use in goal achievement.

  7. Dedicate 20 minutes weekly to check on how the commitments to the time and are working out.

The pandemic has brought the fire. Like the mighty Sequoia tree, transformation can begin to bring you new life. You choose.


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