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Financial confidence.
Two words I never thought I would be able to say together. 


Secure your serendipity.


Money is emotional.

It's hard to measure and control with charts and dials alone


AfireFi is an online financial wellness platform made for achievers carving their own path, who need clarity, confidence, tools & support to secure financial freedom,

We are design centric, oriented around discovering your personal goals and creating lifelong financial habits to tether your future success and serendipity to.


We occupy the space between your bank app and your wealth manager.


Easy to follow explanations and guidance

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Track and reinforce your new habits

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Fund the life  you have designed for yourself


LEARN our proven path

One touch guidance


Practice new financial habits  

  • at a glance reminders

  • thoughtful routines

Image showing two screens from the AfireFi app, showing highlights and checklists to keep you on track
Image of Your dreams and Timeline sections in the AfireFi app

LIVE the life you design for yourself

Discover your risks & opportunities.





You can expect good and bad luck, but good or bad judgment is your prerogative.


Thoguht bubble that reads; My Career needs direction...
Financial Questions; Speech bubble that reads:My divorce left me in charge of my kid's future! What now?
Speech bubble that reads: Should I be buying stocks?
Speech bubble that reads: Can I afford an investment property?
thought bubble that reads: Should I be spending this much?
Speech bubble that reads " These prices are killing me!" Example of financial anxiety
Thought bubble that says "I feel exhausted"
Thought bubble that says "I feel overwhelmed!"
Speech bubble that reads "I'm a freelancer, how do I begin"

Your questions are normal! You are not alone.

We have a plan.

iPad showing the Dreamscape section of the AfireFi Personal Finance App, where you plan for your dreams in life
iPhone showing the Dreamscape within the AfireFi app, where you plan for your life dreams

AfireFi is the proven roadmap of VIP clients now embedded in an online workspace.

Start wherever you are right now.

Evil eye illustrations with dollar sign in the pupil, Gain Clarity on your finances

Starting can be the toughest part so we begin working with your goals and dreams


Starting can be the toughest part so we begin working with your goals and dreams

Illustration of the Nebra Sky disk, used as a stepping stone illustrations for the step of Building Wealth

Starting can be the toughest part so we begin working with your goals and dreams

Set up the mindset and assets needed for wealth building


Cherry Blossom Flower Illustration as a stepping stone for the step "Enjoy Life"

Understand the importance of nurturing all aspects of yourself


Illustration of a Crab holding a credit Card by Cathy Cummins, Stay in Control of your Finances

Freedom needs boundaries - your schedule and budget are tethers to your dreams


Illustration of a laughing buddha, Evolve & Grow step in the AfireFi proven path

See your finances from the top of the mountain!  Focus your intentions to stay on your own path



It's time to get unstuck

iPad displaying the AfireFi personal finance planning and life design app, sits on top of an issue of Vogue magazine

From your first paycheck to your financial freedom years, AfireFi will assist you in managing the building and use of your wealth. 





I'm from an Italian family in New York. I hustled my way from Queens College to graduate from NYU where I attended school at night after a full day at my first job on Wall Street. I went on to work on the stock market trading floors of New York, London and Tokyo.

For nearly 20 years, I enjoyed helping to bring companies to the marketplace, observing how humanity reacted to world news and witnessing how, despite all the negativity, we continued as a species to rebound from events like the World Trade Center, the property crash, the pandemic.

The discipline and knowledge that it takes to thrive in the chaos of the unexpected and your own need for change, are now available to you here in this online progressive workspace, library and accountability prompts and calls.

Money is part of your well being. You have two choices. Be controlled by money or be proactive in managing it.



Q: What can I expect once I join?

1. Bonfire - The First Weeks
You can opt to follow our proven path through the in-app guide, once weekly for 4 weeks or you can peruse it to answer your specific burning questions.  

By setting up your money journey as an enjoyable online workspace with tools, knowledge and unbiased support we are able to offer it to you at a more affordable cost than visiting a Financial Planner.

Need a baby step first? 

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Congratulations on being one step closer to breaking  free from the hustle culture and gaining clarity on your financial goals.

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Made with good taste and a dash of daring.

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