Why should I speak to my friends about money?

Do It For The Love

The virus has had us all scrambling to review our finances. This shared fear makes it a great ice breaker to conversations about money with friends. It can feel more natural to speak about sex than it does about money. Money is a pillar of our well-being though and it's time it takes its place next to nutrition and exercise in our chats with friends.

Why speak to your friends about money?

Your money is easy. Being clear on who you are and what you need in this new fabulous experimental world of constant connection is what is hard.  Who knows you better than your friends? Who can help you set your goals before you start running towards them? Your friends.

How to start?


You may have to be the leader. That can be tough, We are all worried about the judgement but the virus has brought us together in mayhem. Everyone has had to redo their plans recently. Share a bit and see their reaction.

Start small

Start with one or two friends. You can plan to speak about goals to start rather than showing up with spreadsheets.


Try a monthly "meet up" but check in with each other each week. Consider a separate WhatsApp group where you only speak about dreams and money. Put it in the calendar and take turns being the instigator.


During your check ins, ask each other about your schedules and how you're spending your time vs how you wish you spent your time.


Being honest about something you are trying to pay off means you will have someone to celebrate with once victorious.

Keep money on your mind, once a week, do it for the love of you and your community.


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