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The Connection between Creativity and Money

Money is creative.

When you think of your money management you probably think of numbers and the logical left side of the brain stuff - which isn't wrong - but making good money decisions actually takes a balance of numbers and creativity.

That's why my very first hire was an artist by the name of Cathy Cummins, who I commissioned to do a series of drawings that you've likely spotted in the Bonfire Guide, on our Dashboard, and throughout our website and Instagram.

That ethos was part of the genesis of AfireFi. It's important for our platform to continue to build on the balance of the left and the right sides of our brain.


Through our recent upgrade when you log in to your Dashboard, while the entirety of the space is laid out well visually, the left-hand side holds the numbers that make up your while, while the right-hand side is the creative space - the bit that gives your money wings to take them into your life.

One of the first things you will see is our declaration, to go intentionally - our goal for all users is to break from the hustle and follow and live the life that is right for them.

Monthly Audios

With our new monthly audio, we guide you through the bite-size things you should do each month to stay money healthy – with the exceptions of December, April and August. We respect breaks.


Everyone's favourite is the Dreams section. If you have a Dream to achieve in 10 years or in a year, it won't just magically happen. It's a series of steps. We give you the space on the right to contemplate and journal your next steps toward your goals - knowing and seeing the bigger picture helps you with the day-to-day decisions.


Expenses now display with great clarity how you are doing v Elizabeth Warren's 50/30/20 spending guideline. On the right, we provide a space for you to observe and commit to new attitudes and behaviours to get you closer to the guideline.


Community and Dependents are set up to give you a reality check – are you giving too much or maybe not making enough time? Who you spend your time with and how they make you feel has a great effect on how you spend your money.

We also give you a space to think about general wellness like doctor appointments, nutrition and exercise.

The purpose of all these upgrades is to help you enjoy running your money and making progress towards a more intentional lifestyle.

If there are features you would like to see added, please contact us directly on

Oh, and remember the Time Money Joy podcast each month which will have 3-4 episodes 7 minutes long to help keep you on track.


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