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"I learned that when it comes to money, no matter how much you love someone, trust someone, keep at least half of everything you make, and invest it." - Lauren Hutton

What is more feminine than a dream and a plan? We are the head of our household. We make hundreds of informed decisions every day and many of those decisions involve money. Yet, as I speak to more and more women the biggest hurdle women are facing is financial independence.

Money is feminine.

Women have amassed 40% of global wealth yet the majority of us still do not feel in control of our money due to our ever-changing schedules. Oftentimes, women outsource their money management to their partners or ignore it and then come back to it.

The delayed tactic is not a solution.

Why it's important to be involved in managing your money?

  • Money is as important as nutrition and exercise to our well-being. Working at an uninspiring job to pay bills is often a result of money un-management. t will be the same when you are 70 unless you make a change.

  • Money is not power but it is empowerment. It is a tool to help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

  • Money funds our most precious Asset of all - Time. Time is what we want. Time with friends and children. Time on work that matters. Time exhausting our bodies in sport and getting rest. Time for adventures. You won't get more Time but you can decide how to spend it well.

  • Money management is not about trying to become rich. It is about becoming fulfilled. We use frugality and the wise use of money to help us stay focused on the things that matter, kinda like blinders on a horse to help it win a race.

"You cannot have liberation without (financial literacy)" Reese Witherspoon.

Money is stodgy, intimidating, time-consuming and of course...boring.

We change that. Not only are we more personalized, but our platform is designed to be a life-design financial management tool. We've engineered it so that all it takes is 20-minutes a week, and have included journaling, visioning, and dream prototyping.

We de-mystify finance with quick tips as you go, or through a 1:1 experience. Because here's the thing - financial planning aids spontaneity, and we believe serendipity is that magic that happens when you have the confidence to jump at the right opportunity.

Financial planning aids spontaneity. Serendipity is that magic that happens when you have the confidence and means to jump at the right opportunities.

After all, you are already a leader - in your household. You will be astonished at what you can achieve when you take charge of your time and money.

Are you ready to choose to live your best life?


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