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It can be hard not to compare yourself to others. Most of us are used to following the conventional path that is a career, home ownership, marriage, and a baby. These typical paths are no longer reality.

Not all people achieve these goals before they are 30, and most of us are just trying to create a life that makes us happy.

For me, the moment I stopped worrying about milestones and timelines was the moment that I started to accelerate my financial wealth. So, if you’re feeling behind on this imaginative timeline that society has imposed on us I’m giving you permission to mourn the life you thought you’d have.

Sometimes we push for change, but in this article, I’m sharing with you how you can embrace change in your life.

  1. Mourn things that are forever changed. It could be a job, your favorite cafe, a relocation, or a breakup. Recognizing that the end of something has deeply upset you is the first stage of moving towards your next stage of life.

  2. Cherish your wellbeing, and use a daily positive reward system to get those feel-good hormones going.

  3. Kick start your dreams by prototyping them. Write them down and begin to think about what you are looking to get out of them or if there may be a simpler way to achieve what you are looking for.

  4. Ditch dreams that do not deserve more of your attention. *This is an important step.

  5. For the dreams you have decided to commit to, consider what you’re willing to give up to make them happen. A dream is like a newborn baby. It needs you to make space in your day and financial budgets.

  6. Give each dream a picture to give it a presence in your daily life. Visioning is a proven method to use in goal achievement.

  7. Dedicate 20 minutes weekly to check on how the commitments to your time and dreams are working out.

Financially the most important person involved in your money is you. So, instead of focusing on what everyone else is spending, earning, and buying, focus on yourself.

The best thing we can remind ourselves of is that we can do things on our own terms and when and if we’re ready.

Change can begin to bring you new life. You choose.


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