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The 7-step online financial planning platform

designed to help you thrive through all phases of

your one precious life.

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go intentionally

It's okay to feel scared, overwhelmed or alone when you try to approach your money management.

Thoguht bubble that reads; My Career needs direction...
Financial Questions; Speech bubble that reads:My divorce left me in charge of my kid's future! What now?
Speech bubble that reads: Should I be buying stocks?
Speech bubble that reads: Can I afford an investment property?
thought bubble that reads: Should I be spending this much?

Hey Achievers...

yes you!

...the ones who know that nothing comes without a bit of time and effort.


iPad displaying the AfireFi personal finance planning and life design app, sits on top of an issue of Vogue magazine

You want to feel money confident

You want to learn how to befriend money and create healthy money habits

You want your money to make you feel safe and free.

You appreciate access to live support and good design



Mobile phone displays the dashboard and other sections of the AfireFi personal finance and life planning platform


Finance is realizing the life you want to live and then using your habits, time, and money to carve the path to your dreams.


• Financial Calm

Confidence in your choice of goals and habits


Your vision of where you see yourself compared to where you are now


Wealth by properly investing your hard earned savings


Clarity on investments, careers, spending and finding financial freedom without reading stuffy articles or static books


Boss status over the investment of your time and money


Assurance that you are moving towards better



You know that in order to be financially successful and build wealth, you need knowledge dispelled in an interesting way, human support, your own commitment and easy practices that bring confidence to make courageous choices for your life.

Ideally, someone would give one answer to your one burning question. They would give you the one single piece of advise and you would spend 15 minutes executing that plan and wa la! Money would be flowing into your accounts - you would need a bigger purse to carry all the spare cash.

…but that is not the way it works.


Luck comes sometimes but you would have needed to be in its way in the first place. ​


Like your schooling, your company, your household - all the successes took attention and care and a wee bit of time and effort and commitment - to be well, successful. ​


So you search the internet, view some YouTube videos, check Tik Tok, read a few books but change does not come.

Using laptop keyboard
photo of Patricia Whitaker, founder of AfireFi personal finance planner, in New York City after graduating with her parents

I tried earning my way to financial freedom - it worked for awhile - until my adrenal glands had enough, I was missing too much of what made me, well me, and when I jumped off the work treadmill, my old habits gnawed away at my savings.

I realized for all my investment success, all my career success, I had not built foundational habits for my finances.

I also realized I was asked ALOT of questions - in airports and parties - anywhere I was a captive audience.


I realized we all needed answers.

So I stepped back and added a small amount of discipline and tried and true simple doable habits to what I already knew about money and investment.

I share all those insights - but so you can practise as soon as you learn, I embedded them all in a custom built online fun platform. Taking on a tech project was an incredibly difficult journey but existing sites did not provide the experience or results I wanted to achieve for myself or you.


AfireFi is a roadmap, proven to work with VIP clients, embedded in a well designed online workspace. It works on any device any time.

iPad showing the Dreamscape section of the AfireFi Personal Finance App, where you plan for your dreams in life
iPhone showing the Dreamscape within the AfireFi app, where you plan for your life dreams

From your first paycheck to your financial freedom years, the guide and app features will assist you in managing the building and use of your wealth. 

Image of your Timeline as created within the AfireFi App, which gives you an overview of your life financial status


managing personal & household spending

embracing your dreams with a plan

designing the daily life you want to live

accessing your personal strengths & community support

plus everything else you'd expect from investing savings to managing debt and more...


STEPS  1 - 5 

Our proven roadmap, Bonfire, is set up with 5 Quests 


Travel them in order 

Approx. time 3 hours each week over the first 4 weeks 


Dive right to Dashboard
Hit specific sections and link to relevant parts of Bonfire as needed.


Regain focus on what's important to you.


Are you afraid to start? Do you feel unsure of the Dreams you should be chasing or overwhelmed over the number of goals you have? Let's reveal the Dreams that are right for you.

What will this do for you?

starting can be the toughest part so we begin working with your goals and dreams.

knowing what you are working towards will help keep you inspired for the times things get tougher

You will reveal what things you need for yourself versus what you are doing because friends or your greater community aka the world are doing it.

Understand how to uncover the value of your esoteric traits

Begin to establish better habits

Image showing the Dream Section of the AfireFi App where you can begin to fund the life you want for yourself
Image of Patricia Whitaker in a video greeting embedded within the AfireFi Financial Platform


Set up the mindset and assets needed for wealth building


Do you feel like you dont want to repeat the same mistakes as your parents. Are you unsure of the decisions you made or need to make on what investments to hold?

What will this do for you?

Acknowledging our past experiences allows us to carve our mindset forward. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

Its not all about mindset of course. How you invest your hard earned savings will determine if your Dreams will be achievable. We review Assets including currency, class and liquidity risk and how to begin matching them up with your Dreams.

We address savings as a habit to form.


Reimagine your day!


Are you running your day or is it running you? Do you feel you are doing too much are too little? Can you see how you spend your time is how you spend your money?

What will this do for you?

Draw a link between how the decisions you make and don't make about how you spend your time have direct impacts on your happiness and spending patterns.

Understand the importance of nurturing all aspects of yourself, not only for you, but for your family and how this is a game changer.

Setting up accounts to stressly ensure you, and anyone else in the household, is getting what they need to thrive.

Forest Path
Illustration of the Buddha by Barbadian artist Cathy Cummins, conveying the daily balance we seek to find and align our finances to


Make courageous financial decisions


Do you think budgets are cumbersome and a waste of time - only for those people who dont have a life? Would you rather be dipped in tobasco sauce than talk to anyone else amount your finances or debt?

What will this do for you?

We will show you that freedom needs boundaries and your schedule and budget are tethers to your wildest and quietest dreams.

Community convo is one of the most difficult parts for most. We aren't taking about a book club here - just some casual convos to release the pressure valve.

Debt - yes, you will really sleigh the dragon.

A visual from the AfireFi finance app, showing a snippet of the Budget Section. An illustrated purse with receipts is displayed painted by Barbadian artist Cathy Cummins.


See your finances from the top of the mountain!


Have you wished for one picture to show you an overview of your wants and haves? Would you like one place to pop into for inspiration?

What will this do for you?

Its like the day after the party but instead of having a big mess to clean up you have a smartly designed Timeline showing you your dreams and assets.

I pop in here a few times a week to reinforce my frugality as a way of life. Its not meant to limit me but to free me.

Timeline focuses your intentions and helps you say no and yes to keep you on your own path

We further introduce the concept of money dates as a way to incorporate all the habits and knowledge into easily digestible bites for your daily life.

Image of a chapter in Quest 6 of the AfireFi Bonfire course, which shows you an overview of what you want vs what you have



Progress not perfection

Would you like to enjoy the learning process and not worry to take notes? Do you want to take all the habits and to do's with you?

What will this do for you?