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AFIREFi exists to empower YOU to own your Finances, control your time, understand and fulfill your needs in a creative, fun and interesting way and support and be supported in the process.

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Smart tools for people who wish to lead their time and money.


Which “emoji” best describes your attitude to finance?


Earn – Acquire - Repeat

Feeling exhausted yet?

See No Evil

Ignore it! It will go away...

It’s getting worse isn’t it?

Iron Lady

Rule home finances with an iron fist

Bored yet?

The Creative

I don’t do finance

Underestimating yourself?

The Ostrich

My partner has it covered

Who's leading your life?

Queen Bee

I'm too busy

But are you doing what you love?

You are unique.

We all see and feel the world differently.
Your needs are different and by extension, so are your Finances.

Even those astute in Finance need tools to stay in sync with  their unique story and fund the who, what and where's which enrich them.


The more sure, steady and joyful you are,

the better everyone is around you.

Fire is powerful. Like you.


Ignite change in the use of your time

and money to fund your best self.

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Sneak peak inside Afirefi


your success is dependent on your commitment to growth rather than age

a digital field guide unique to you:

theory needs application to stick

reinforce good habits & explore the what ifs? of life in our custom companion app



everything on your crazy schedule and your choice of device

community:& support

closed course community & direct email support to afirefi staff

inspiration & simplicity:

simple structure and language leaves you to focus on your progress

beauty, fun & discovery:

what is life without art and design  

Money funds our most precious asset of all...Time.

This site is not about perfection but progress…
starting from wherever you are now.


AFIREFI supports people just starting out who need grounded guidance and those whose generations didn’t prepare them well enough for all the roles they would take on.


Take control of your Finances while enjoying

Award Winning Design & Illustrations


Bonfire bundle is where you begin

(soft launch discounts in effect)