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reach financial freedom

Afirefi helps you build a financially secure future, so you can handle anything life throws at you.

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Our app helps you achieve clarity and confidence through:

The exact roadmap created and used by Patricia Whittaker, an investor and wealth coach, to help hundreds gain control of their life and finances 


Guidance to reach your personal and professional goals quickly and effectively

Clear actionable steps to take your financial future to the next level


A holistic approach to managing your money and maintaining financial wellbeing


Our method is not a “one size fits all”. Afirefi ties your ambition and resources to actionable steps.

A subscription with AFIREfi gives you access to our unique Finance and Life Design App

reach your goals through knowledge and accountability

Learn new money habits

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Full financial overview 

Original Illustration of a Compass – AFIREfi brings you clarity at a glance

Gain knowledge and confidence

Original Illustration of a piggy bank – Afirefi allows you to realize your dreams and goals

Experience financial freedom

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“I was under a mountain of debt. I found Patricia through a personal recommendation. She had me first confront the situation head-on by laying out my assets and debt in Afirefi, but more importantly were the things that no one was speaking to me about that - my habits, what I did, and what I was willing to do. This process gave me immediate calmness, clarity, and confidence. I was able to begin engaging with my debtors and taking a fresh look at my finances. It’s been two years since I thought I was going to lose everything, Now we check in every four months to make sure everything is on track. Life changer.” 



Now, here's the thing, there isn't much difference between those who've achieved their goals through Afirefi and you...

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(The only difference is they know time doesn't wait for them to be ready...)


Now, let's talk investment!

What's the cost, anyway?

We love options! Select a plan that works for you.


Used by self-made millionaires, founders, and industry trailblazers who built their success through investing in their career goals and money. Huddle is a self-guided plan that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

+ Get a full financial overview

+ Explore goals, strengths, and dreams 

+ Gain financial clarity through a financial reading & personalized roadmap 

+ Develop new money habits through practice and knowledge

Illustration of a mint – The AFIREfi Huddle Program is the lowest yearly package


Pour yourself a cold brew. We know how hard you work, and we know how empowering it is to be coached by the best wealth coach in the industry. So you can focus your energy on fast-tracking your results.

Receive everything included in Huddle plus...

+ Take your financial plan to the next level by matching assets to aspirations

+ 4 financial consultation sessions

+ Begin to master your cash flow, time management, and investments

Illustration of a running shoe – The Game Changer Program give you lifetime access to the AFIREfi  Platform



Queen B

Ready to unlock the best kept secrets for financial freedom? Queen B, this one is for you if you want to quantum leap your goals. We'll be covering mastery, mindset, money, and how to scale your investments.

Receive everything included in Game Changer plus...

+ 1:1 personalized wealth coaching

+ Manage individual risk, grow your business and diversify investments to match your dreams timeline

+ 8 financial consultation sessions paced to your journey

+ Gain investment strategies and industry knowledge 

Original Illustration of a Bee by Catherine Cummins – The Queen B package grants you full access to the complete AFIREfi platform with one on one support and guidance

*individual sessions and group sessions are offered. Please directly reach out if you're interested.

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But our platform can only take you so far. This is not a sit-back and relax journey.

We provide knowledge and tools for you to use as your life evolves, but you have to put in the work. Think of it as sweat equity for your goals, which is the only way to move the needle. 

This is for you:

This is not for you:

You're ready to reach your financial goals

You're willing to put in the work and change the circumstances

You're ready to dial up your investment portfolio

You don't believe in having a positive mindset

You're not willing to do the work or change the circumstances

You truly refuse to make the changes necessary to achieve your financial goals

In one year, don't be the person who
wishes they started sooner.

Stay in the loop with money matters!

Just imagine if you could reach financial freedom all while realizing your dreams and goals... without confusion, burnout, or losing your mind.

Know you'll get so much further in your ambitions, and faster... when you get the support from someone who's done exactly what you want: achieved those d*mn amazing goals!



“I avoided my finances until my divorce left me in charge of my kid’s future. I learned by working my way around Afirefi. Within my first few weeks, I realized my finances are only partially about my money. It inspired me to update my habits. I’ve been able to reduce overall spending significantly without compromising our quality of life. In fact, in many ways, it has improved. I am looking forward to the next level… Investing!”

Ditch debt, invest money and gain financial freedom!

Explore our blog, listen to our money moving playlist and check out our financial platform to achieve financial freedom.

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Get my free financial freedom roadmap 

“I came to Afirefi because I had money I wanted to invest. I wanted a quick fix. But Patricia wanted us to take a few step backgrounds to see the big picture. I’m glad we did. I learned about my desires, habits, and now I can not only confidently and wisely manage my investments but also my business. Afirefi is always opened on my laptop and gives grounding to my very hectic, fun life.”