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From career moves to what to do with your money, Afirefi helps you achieve financial freedom through our platform and guidance from our wealth coach.

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Meet Patricia Whittaker

Wealth Coach, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Mother

Thriving in the chaos of stock markets in Tokyo, New York, UK and Europe for 17 years and taking risks of her own - including making her own money mistakes, and consuming unidentifiable food in Japan - she’s decided to engage with the world of finance in a different way. Understanding finance better than most people, she was able to take what many people deemed as “scary” and make it easy and enjoyable through AfireFi. 


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Tons of content, resources and a variety of education courses to help you achieve your financial success.

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Access to a community of achievers, to encourage and support your journey.

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We provide you with a space of no shame and no judgement to empower you to achieve financial wellness.

Our Hero Plan platform is designed to help you carve the path to the goals you’ve dreamed of.


"This app and guide helped give me clarity and confidence to launch my new business."


highly actionable insights

industry secrets

and no fluff strategies

Our platform will provide you with

that will transform your life by gaining the confidence you need to reach your financial goals.

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If any of this sounds familiar...

You’re doing the “right” things, but you don’t seem to hit the mark to achieving your goals


You’re in your 9-to-5, and want to launch that side hustle, but you have limited funds


You are searching for insights to investing your well-earned savings 

You want to re-invest in your business but you’re unsure if it’s the right time

You want to learn how to be-friend money and create money habits

That's why we created all the content you actually need. 

(You can thank us later)

What you actually need...

Illustration of a Pineapple reading Time, Money, Joy - The guiding principles of balance in the AFIREfi Finance and Life Design Platform

Advice from someone who's helped individuals like yourself design and achieve their dream life

A portal that that takes the frustration out of reaching your financial goals

Step-by-step guides, actionable items to adapt to your own lifestyle; and 

The ease of applying all the tips, strategies and secrets you've learned through Afirefi

While everyone is baking banana bread, you've taken this time to align your goals and you want to go big in 2021.

Are you ready for this?


Feel more empowered than ever by accessing no nonsense advice


Design your life the way you want and achieve your financial goals


Kick your procrastination to the curb and learn how to understand your finances like a boss


Access a platform that will keep you accountable

"This changed my outlook towards finance. It was fun and engaging and because of Afirefi I have learned how to manage my money and save 70% - (and no, I don't live at home)!



Now, let's talk investment!

What's the cost, anyway?

We love options! Select a plan that works for you.


Upon signing up, you're plugged right into our Afirefi platform used by self-made millionaires, founders, and industry trailblazers who built their success through investing in their career goals and money. The Huddle is a self-guided plan that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

+ Easy entry and immediate access to Afirefi 

+ Recieve a financial reading and personalized roadmap to help you achieve your financial goals

+ Access to our VIP Facebook community

+ Exclusive access to our members-only Financial Freedom handbook

Illustration of a mint – The AFIREfi Huddle Program is the lowest yearly package


Pour yourself a cold brew. We know how hard you work, and we know how empowering it is to be coached by the best wealth coach in the industry, so you can focus your energy on fast-tracking your results. We've designed the Game Changer so that you can lean all the way in through 1-on-1 support, in-depth and actionable financial steps, investment strategies, and four financial consultation sessions paced to your journey no matter where you are.

+ Access to our VIP Facebook community

+Exclusive access to our members-only Financial Freedom handbook

+ Recieve a financial reading to discuss your money goals and receive action specific steps

+ 4 financial consultation session paced to your journey

Illustration of a running shoe – The Game Changer Program give you lifetime access to the AFIREfi  Platform



Queen B

Ready to unlock the best kept secrets for financial freedom? Queen B, this one is for you. Get started with an in-depth financial reading to discuss your money goals and financial roadblocks, and gain financial insights and investment strategies along with 12 financial consultation sessions paced to your journey to help you establish rituals, clarity, and a full financial roadmap designed for you to help you reach financial freedom.

+ Access to our VIP Facebook community

+Exclusive access to our members-only Financial Freedom handbook

+ Received a financial reading and in-depth guidance on your next steps

+ Discover your financial roadblocks 

+ 12 financial consultation sessions paced to your journey

+ Gain investment strategies and industry knowledge 

Original Illustration of a Bee by Catherine Cummins – The Queen B package grants you full access to the complete AFIREfi platform with one on one support and guidance

We made investing in yourself, a no-brainer, so you're guaranteed to get major return on your investment.

A subscription with AFIREfi gives you access to our unique Finance and Life Design App

through our unique approach to life design

Adaptability to your lifestyle

Original Illustration of Balanced Zen pebbles – AFIREfi approache is adaptable to you lifestyle

Clarity in a glance

Original Illustration of a Compass – AFIREfi brings you clarity at a glance

Realize your dreams and goals

Original Illustration of a piggy bank – Afirefi allows you to realize your dreams and goals

Find financial freedom

Original Illustration of a butterfly – AFIREfi guides you to financial freedom

You weren't meant to be on this journey alone, and if you're anything like us, you need help to make boss moves and to get to the next level.

We want to save you time, money and energy by sharing the secrets nobody talks about that we've discovered through 17+ years of experience.

We want to take the frustration you might be experiencing far away from your business and your life through clarity and control.

Here's the secret: Finance is its own ecosystem and most of us are narrowly focused on the earning part of the ecosystem. It's important to be able to filter out the noise to get the details which matter. Investing in your life and finances is about staying true to yourself.


Now, here's the thing, there isn't much difference between those who've achieved their goals through Afirefi and you...

Original Illustration of a Clock reading Time Keeps on Ticking into the Future – for AFIREfi Financial Platform for Women



(The only difference is they know time doesn't wait for them to be ready...)

In one year, don't be the person who wishes they started sooner.


It’s time to stop Googling things to try to figure it all out by yourself. Time is precious. Let us serve up the tried and true tips and tricks, and tools you need.

A personalized approach to learn how to manage and invest your money

Ongoing motivation and live person support

The ease of an online platform so you can immediately apply the knowledge you've gained

A ton of financial secrets

(*hint hint* step by step guides on how to manage your finances)

Tactical advice that can be applied to any lifestyle

Templates, tips, strategies and more


straight from the woman who's been there, done that and achieved the life she's wanted

Just know you'll get so much further in your ambitions... and faster, when you get the support from someone who's done exactly what you want:

achieved those d*mn amazing goals!

Original Illustration of an iPad by Catherine Cummins for the AFIREfi financial an life designplatform
Original Illustration by Catherine Cummins for AFIREfi - The financial platform for successful women

But our platform can only take you so far. This is not a sit-back and relax journey.

We provide knowledge and tools for you to use as your life evolves. But you have to put in the work. Think of it as sweat equity for your goals, which is the only way to move the need. 

This is for you:

You're ready to reach your financial goals

You're willing to put in the work and change the circumstances

You're ready to dial up your investment portfolio

This is not for you:

You don't believe in having a positive mindset

You're not willing to do the work or change the circumstances

You truly refuse to make the changes necessary to achieve your financial goals

This program includes everything you need to transform your life to reach new levels.

pencil art.png
Move at your own pace
clipboard art.png
Plan based on your learning style
network art.png
Gain a support newtwork
compass art.png
Follow a proven roadmap

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit. By the end of Afirefi you will...

Build a system to design the life you've always wanted

Attract things that light you up

Have a support network that will ensure you'll have continued growth and focus on the things you love

Feel more balanced, rested and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life



"The dream section really enabled me to see our family goals in one clear snapshot view. Not only could I see where we were falling short, but I could also see the money accumulating towards my goals."

Ditch debt, invest money and gain financial freedom!

Explore our blog, listen to our money moving playlist and check out our financial platform to achieve financial freedom.

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