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Financial freedom and financial independence are actually two separate things. You need to be financially independent before you achieve financial freedom.

You might be wondering what's the difference?

Well, Financial Independence is understanding that your money moves with you throughout your life. It mimics your habits and can give you a step up to your dreams. It's realizing its power is in the movement you yourself give it.

Financial Freedom is my term for, "retirement". Traditionally 'retirement' is what you do after many years of slogging away in a job you dislike with the sole goal of getting to a point in time where you see yourself as 'arriving'.

Financial freedom is something you strive for throughout the rest of your life. It is living in a way that brings you happiness, choice and is in tune with the greater good of humanity and the earth.

The two work hand in hand. Financial Independence reflects our own independence and is the tool we use for freedom of choice in how we choose to show up every day. Often we have money mindsets that limit our potential. Changing the way you see money can help you achieve financial freedom.

Changing your money mindset...

  1. Think in terms of prosperity

  2. Change your mind from security to opportunity

  3. Program your mind to save first

  4. Change your thinking from hoping to doing

  5. Have clarity and confidence about what you want to reach

What you believe about money, yourself, and the world shapes how your life will unfold. Every single day, you've arrived. You have the power to make decisions that will move you forward financially or set you back - it's up to you!


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