5 tips & tricks to clear your credit card

They are tantalizing. They can get you anything you want... Oh, but then the bill comes in and the stress trumps the satisfaction. If you have too much credit card debt, read on my friend...

1. Put an order to their pay off

  • Pay from smallest to largest

Use this method if you are goal-oriented. This was my method. I paid off my smallest debt first. Ticking loans off my list gave me great satisfaction and kept me moving forward.

  • Pay from highest interest to lowest interest rate

This makes mathematical sense as you get rid of the most expensive debt first. Use this if you are a details person.

2. Consolidate

This is my least favorite method. I find it bundles away mistakes without teaching discipline.

3. Budget

Reduce money for something you won't miss and use it to make more payments towards the debt at the top of your list. When that debt is paid, kick those payments over to tackle the next one. Again, review your expenses and look for something to give up to snowball this debt payoff.

4. Treat yourself

Each time you pay off something, buy yourself to a small treat. Buying something small will help you think harder about what you value.

5. Discipline

I have wrapped up my credit cards and wrote on the envelope, "Are you kidding me?!"

Today, technology means I would now have to delete things like Paypal and ApplePay accounts. There is no short-cutting if you want convenience; you have to do the work and establish discipline. Create a budget and check in on your spending weekly. You will be amazed at the things you can do and the things you won't miss.


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