You Want To Be More Than Atmosphere, Right?!

How to be important in Pop culture

Pop unites us…pop-culture, pop-music, pop-art, pop-up. Simple and light-hearted, “pop” represents what we are going thru and the changes currently taking place in a society. What starts as “pop” can turn “classic”. Claude Monet, the painter whose birthday I share, was considered radical and modern in the 1870’s. Realism didn’t interest him as much as the dynamic play of light on an object and the story it was able to tell. He was among the first to give the artist a voice in the pieces they created. Ideas spread slowly in the time before auto and air travel were a norm. The challenge in our era is remaining clear, focused and disciplined enough to cultivate our talents and be part of pop culture in an authentic way. It's easier than ever to be follower. Being leaders of our lives takes more savvy. It requires harnessing the detail of how we spend our Time and Money. It is bold to create clear boundaries and focus our energy on the things which mean something to us. As vaccinations begin to roll out, before busy-ness and business become one and the same again, schedules need to be refreshed and new budgets created to fund them It is our responsibility and ours alone to achieve our dreams and be an effective part of pop culture. daughter and I in front of "Waterlillies" at the MOMA, NYC 2017


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