What is life design?

The modern term, Life Design, was coined by Stanford University Professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. It describes when the process designers use to solve problems is applied to your quest to find a career and happy life.

Designers approach problems by pausing to clearly define the issue needing to be resolved. Sometimes we buy a fixer-upper home to scratch a creative itch when a new hobby may have filled the void. We change careers when a new position would give us fresh challenges. Who hasn't booked a vacation only to come back and become tired within days; reworking our schedule would have given us longer respite.

Once the underlying problem is unveiled, prototyping solutions begins. Should you go back to school, go for a promo, transfer departments or travel and so on. Picture lots of stickies on your wall. This free for all gives us access to those outside-the box-possibilities.

Then the hard part. Eliminating solutions can be scary at first. What if that was the one! But one by one, pulling those stickies off the wall and tossing them in the bin slowly begins to change your perspective until you can see the path that is right for you. It is a process no one can do for you. The answers must be your own.

Their conception of a Life Design Course began in 2007. It became one of the most popular of Stanfords many offerings.

I came across the term Life Design when I was working on marketing material for AfireFi. I was looking for a term to describe the journaling and prototyping of our dreams, community and time that is done before we get to the planning of our money. I realized we had inadvertetly created a Life Design - Financial Planning site.

Changing the world starts in our own backyard. Life Design may not be completely new but by making it intentional, we give ourselves a better shot at fully developing our potential. The perfect start to making positive shifts in the world.


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