They are okay, now how about you?

I have been as much overwhelmed as underwhelmed and outraged these past three months. Balancing a business launch, an economic crisis, home schooling, elder well-being and the distressing reality of continued racial tensions despite it being the year 2020.

To stay on my game and be there for others, I need to check in on me.

Selfish is always generous. Our talents need nurturing. If we can show up at our best, we can be more inspiring and helpful to those around us.

I always start with my schedule. Schedules can sound routine and boring but they provide boundary and structure needed to renew ourselves. In my schedule I always try to capture new education to explore, enrich and help me grow. The world cannot evolve if individuals do not seek new knowledge. With travel restricted, I've renewed my Masterclass membership and have my eye on the negotiation class. My daughter and I have finally carved out 15 minutes a day for French on Duolingo after great reviews from French friends but I am most looking forward to a book I just came across called Designing Your Life which reinforces many of the beliefs we instill in our life design and financial planning site.

To find time for new things, old stuff has to get ditched from my schedule.

Reducing chores is always the first place I look . The eight-year-old can feed the dogs and make some food for herself. Stock piles of never-to-be-read-again books will move on and never-get-dusted-again.

There is no one perfect schedule. We are all unique. Our desires push us. Our boundaries pull us. When we appreciate the disequilibrium of our own needs, we may even become more tolerant with the quirkiness of those around us.

What an easy way to begin to change the world.


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