The life skills you need for success

Investing is a lifeskill you practice everyday.

You invest your time.

Did you do things today to enrich yourself?

You invest your money.

Did you buy things today to enrich your life or tuck away some for the things your future self will need?

Doing nothing is still a decision.

Making proactive decisions about our time and money is the best way to ensure we live fully worthwhile lives. If you continue to rent while real estate prices are going up, you can be at risk of being priced out of your neighborhood. If you don’t go for the promotion, your learning curve can go flat If you do not jump for love, what memories will you cling onto during the tough times of a relationship. . Choosing to do nothing is sometimes the correct answer but it needs to be a proactive decision rather than avoidance.

Here are a few tips and tricks to become a better investor.

  1. To take on the right risks on homes, gear and love we need to be very sure of who we are and where we are in our lives at that moment.. By "right", I don't mean perfect. I mean fun and without regret when it goes wrong because it does go wrong sometimes Time spent in quiet will help you hear your own inner voice and make decisions right for you.

  2. Invest only what you can lose, both time and money wise.

  3. Invest only in what you understand and have an interest in reading about.

  4. Have a discipline. Write down why you have bought something and why you would buy more and should sell it and don't get caught up in emotion of the day to day.

  5. Read quality news.

  6. Get out of the house and speak to a wide range of people.

  7. Sign up for a course which would bring you a new perspective or take on a new assignment at work.

We will need to take risk and scare ourselves a bit so we may arrive on the other side of fear. Make the effort needed to become a good investor of your time and money, everyday. It a necessary and grounding lifeskill.


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