Take charge of your time in the workplace

Time is our most precious asset, but it is not something we can stash away like cash.

Like smoke from a fire, time leaves just traces of memories as it floats away in the breeze...

Think of your heartbeats like a currency - "Killing time" is wasting heartbeats

Think about your day... What do you do? Most of us describe the use of our time as, "I work," "I exercise," "I see friends." Life is about much more than that.

Within a day is 24 precious hours and your workday equals to almost 40% of that. Your workday can provide you with endless opportunities for growth, enjoyment & fulfilment.

Below are some points on how to take charge in the workplace and make the most out of your day:

  • Be clear on why you are there and what change you are trying to effect

  • Make a decision to have positive impact. Look at the big picture. All the little things add up and affect change in the world.

  • Figure out what you're good at and passionate about and work on evolving those skills/talents.

  • Empower your colleagues and team members through encouragement rather than ordering them into tasks

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