Small changes you can make right now to adjust to this new world

Being the leader of your household has probably never been more important. A good leader will understand the timeline of Covid-19 may be longer than we could have imagined. Herd immunity will take a vaccine, a paced prior contact plan and testing.

Habits are just repetition of chosen behavior. Change is already here. If we can be realistic, have faith and adjust our habits, our family stands a better chance of thriving through this change.

Here are some of the top tips from our team:


Speak to and take care of them. How did they get through hardships in their time? They have good simple solutions most of which are likely to be a change of our mindsets and habits.


Yes, we've all done the cost cutting but that's money. What we spend more than anything is our Time. My husband and I had similar childhoods. We were often left to just be bored. "If you are bored you must be boring!" was a saying. Societies didn't have the time or money to entertain kids. I swore I would never join in but when we looked at our schedules recently, somehow SIX activities had crept into my daughters schedule. When things do fully re-open, I will be driving to less kids activities! What sweetness do you want to carry with you. Write it down, but it on the fridge and plant it in your schedule.

"Everything in moderation"

This was my mother's favourite expression. Frugality is the way forward. It is the unwillingness to waste. It trims our budgets, our waist and Mother Nature is a fan.

Slow down

This past Monday was the first time we were allowed out for more than food shopping. More services were back to work and I immediately felt the energy and speed. I felt the need to achieve more and by Tuesday I was stressed. Whoa. That was fast. So, I went back and looked at my schedule and re-focused on what I wanted to achieve and enjoy each day.

As the world begins to move quicker again, remember Mother Nature and our Communities were the things we missed most.

Budget updates

Match your money budget to support your new Time habits.

Economic relief

Don't be shy. Call your largest fixed costs vendors like mortgage holders and insurance companies. Google your government to know your rights.

You are a great Leader! Stay planned and organized, enlist good tools to help you (Slack and Trello are my go-to's). Great leaders know they have to put the oxygen mask on first; make time for you, practice daily self-care. The news you watch can inform or scare you. I stick with Monocle and the Atlantic for accurate and sometimes even funny updates and of course my hometown man, Governor Cuomo.

You are doing a great job. "Stay in the fight, good things will happen."


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