Our Top 7 Financial Tips

I thrived in my childhood.

I survived my childhood.

I figure my parents did 50% well and good for their generation.

I think about those things and try to incorporate those attitudes and behaviours into my life.

I think about the things they didn't do so well and the stuff that worked in their era but technology and evolution of humankind makes them obsolete. I try to find other ways: I read, I experiment, I do well, I do poorly, I forgive myself and try again.

How can you evolve from your parents generation?

Start by questioning everything they did and incorporate our top 7 financial tips:

  1. University costs have competition not only from incredible array of online learning but also from the communities people can build outside of the cost of a prestigious school.

  2. Talk about your finances - Sex is out in the open but for some reason we still speak little to our family and friends about our finances. Start with dreams and what you are saving for. Ask about theirs, then make it part of your monthly convo. It's a fun and easy way of gaining support.

  3. Homes were either small or working yards not too many generations ago. The question of how long you were going to live in one area was not a thing. If you want to buy a house, can you use the changes in society and technology to help it pay for itself? Are you able to Airbnb regularly or when you travel, how about living further out or commuting less by working from home, would the land allow you to grow trees and plants for sale?

  4. Lower the grocery bill by learning how to cook and enjoying the creative relaxing aspect of it... Processed food - that's definitely one to leave behind.

  5. Cars, weddings, clothes, shopping... These all need a jump back a few generations to when frugality trumped cultural bling.

  6. Retirement - This is one your parents had the one up on you. You will likely need to set up your own accounts - LEARN MORE about savings and investment!

  7. Still at home? Move out and start being accountable to your money. Bunk up with friends. Creativity and resilience is built in these years.

Every generation has their challenges.

Rise to yours.


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