No, I don't day trade. I invest.

I like ease.

Robinhood's "no" cost platform is a marketing marvel but day trading still seems like way too much work for me.

Also, day-trading usually relies on past events. I'm a Scorpio. I'm all about change. Day trading looks for patterns in trading on a daily basis and then tries to emulate or beat those patterns.

I prefer to observe the world and keep an eye out for companies which are doing things that change the status quo. WIX, for instance, is the website platform which hosts Afirefi. Its' share price has run from $100 to $300 over the past 2 years. It turns out many other people were launching their passion projects too.

Each idea gets put through my own 30-minute screening process. Once I buy, I let the management run their company and I go on about my life. When I needed money to help fund our home, take a year off to spend more time with my mother or fund AfireFi, I cashed in gains.

The gains are not guaranteed and I am always surprised and grateful when they have been there. I use money I can lose.

Consider being an investor. It expands your outlook and builds on your ability to assess and take risks in your business and life. You can still use Robinhood to buy the shares.


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