How to stop worrying about money

I use a boxing analogy here because boxing has strong links in my family. My uncle and Godfather brought Floyd Patterson to become the first black heavyweight boxing Champion and they ran the Eastern Parkway arena which competed directly with Madison Square Garden for weekly boxing bouts

Stressful cashflow... Doing nothing about it is still a decision.

Worrying and avoidance are actions which chew up precious cells in your body. You may even have hair falling out or rashes!

Start simple. First thing to do... Change your mindset.

Finance is a cornerstone of your well-being. Shift your weight to the front of your feet like a boxer and use courage and knowledge to get in the ring.

Study your opponent.

Mindfully lay out your expenses in full. Use a spreadsheet or our site. Whichever you're more comfortable with.

Pause Boxers pause in their dressing rooms before the match begins. Pause and simply forgive yourself. Whoever you were, you did your best.

Visualize the future. What will winning the match look like? What are your goals for the you of today and the you of tomorrow . Finance is a pillar of your wellbeing.

To win the match, you need an offensive play. Rather than being complicit and sticking with an old plan, try make a new one. Review each and every expense and ask questions from the perspective of your future self. Be courageous to do things differently than your community currently is.

Debt Begin by paying off smaller ones and celebrating each victory. Access our other articles on debt.

During each round, get to know your opponent better. If you are on our platform, use the Cash Flow feature to check in regularly with how your spending is going for the week or month. Ensure your dreams and goals are logged to keep you supported.

Speak with a friend or mentor. Relieving the pressure valve helps to keep a clear mind and to make clear decisions.

The most important thing to do is get in the ring.

"Stay in the fight,

good things will come"

Rudy Lence 1930-2018


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