How to look forward with fear

While Mother Nature rests, a new normal is settling into households across the globe. Life will resume but it will be different. Our elders can assure us of that. They survived World War, economic depression, cold war, Cholera, Spanish Flu, AIDS, terrorism and life before the internet. These events shifted cultures and societies.

This time of COVID is one of those big moments. While you are likely exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely, fearful or blissfully ignorant, dig in and find the courage to think about the future. You won't have all the answers but you may find the questions to help you lead. You aren't looking for answers as much as possibilities.

Here are some things to consider to help you on this journey:

  • What sounds completely ridiculous now can easily be normal in a few months time. Remember sex before condoms?

  • We will need to be realistic about what is to come and the time it will take. Read reliable news. I covet The Atlantic and Monocle24 for humorous coverage.

  • Balance reality with faith. We will get through, as our elders did. Faith will help combat our fears and nudge us forward.

  • See change as opportunity. Often opportunity masquarades as a calamity. Shifts in manufacturing and social gathering will continue. How can you solve a problem?

  • Establish good time and money habits now. We have an opportunity to restart with purpose.


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