How can we raise kids for their generation?

There are things to bring with us and things to leave behind of our parents' child-rearing.

They weren't correct about everything. Times change.

The road we walk with our kids before "launching" them fully into independent thinking can feel long but it is a fleeting job.

To keep us focused as leaders of our daughter's well-being in this constantly connected world, we choose a few values to pin all house rules and decisions to. Among them, Tolerance, Appreciation, Patience & Frugality. Patience was added mainly as a reminder for me. (New Yorker always at heart) Frugality prompted the reinvention of the "Fix It Box".

It sits in the living room.

Everything broken goes into it.

Saturdays before allowance is given out, things are repaired and restored.

We also try to listen to responsible news in the house to prompt her curiosity about current events like Covid-19 and racism.

How to change the world?

How to change the disposable mindset? How to stop racism?

The first step is to start.

Fix things as they break and speak openly and about issues which need to be left in the past. Start as you mean to go on.


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