Do you have enough money saved for that trip?

A pause before the planning is part of the planning for a new adventure.

Here are 6 quick check points to help you decide whether to go or not to go.

Emergency fund

I have come home from a trip to find a work project delayed.

I came to realize that part of the enjoyment of vacation was warding off stress upon my return.

In addition to pets being well looked after, now bills are paid in advance and I hold 3-6 months of bills out of reach of all of my payment and withdrawal methods.

How many months can you thrive on the monies you have set aside for emergency?

Fun Money

My future self will need different things.

I like to leave half of my savings parked in a separate accounts for longer term plans. I hope to always to able to work so I don't call them retirement funds. However, I am realistic that income is likely to be less in the future but the quality of life I would like to enjoy will not be.

Do you have money set aside in long term savings accounts with tax and investment advantages?

Have you budgeted realistically for the trip.

The credit card bill that cannot be paid upon return is a real mood buster.

Cancelled flights, friends with larger budgets, injuries and great shopping have all derailed my travel budgets.

Have you budgeted for things for the unexpected?

What are you looking to get out of the trip?

I have gone to a city when I have needed quiet and rest.

I have gone to places without electricity and hot water when I was desperate for the arts.

I have gone to come back more tired and realizing the trip was not what I needed.

What is it that you need?

Have you explored alternatives?

I was sure this year I was going to get back to skiing. It was my thing before moving to the Caribbean. With the business launching, both time and money were scarce. Still in need of an adventure, I gazed out my window to day dream only to look straight out at the South coast surf breaks . I decided a splash out on a new rash guard and my first new surfboard in 12 years. It was a great compromise.

Is there an adventure just out your window?

Is it worth the risk?

A few weeks after meeting my husband while visiting friends in Barbados, I stopped back in New York to visit family. He was deciding whether to come up and visit or not being; a sole business owner since18, the answers to some of those questions above would certainly have been no. He came anyway.

Sometimes things don't make sense but sometimes life takes leaping.

When you know the answer, say it out loud and begin to plan or move on.


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