Did you overspend for Christmas? Here's how to recover...

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Ryun

After reviewing all those Christmas pics and catching up on all that lost sleep, here's our 7 step rescue & recovery process for January to help set you up for a successful year!

1. Lead your Life.

This involves being a proactive manager of your schedule. There are endless opportunities for people to interrupt us, mostly partners, kids and bosses. If you want to be the boss of your money, you need to first be the boss of your time. Have a schedule that proactively balances the use of your time and you will be at the start of financial recuperation.

2. Money Date

Cozy back up with your budget. No point in looking backwards... Start with Januarys' Cash Flow and review each accounts budgets. Start back those weekly 10 minute budget check-ins.

3. Hold it

Put on hold anything but the necessities this month.

4. Keep Calm

You are so vulnerable right now and the advertisers know it. Avoid panic gym membership sign ups or expensive diets.

5. Set up your Accounts for success

If you haven't yet done so, we strongly suggest using separate accounts to pay bills for your dwelling, household and play money. This method gives easy accountability and clarity to your budgets making them easier to stick to.

6. Challenge yourself

Start the year on a savings mindset, then each month challenge yourself to find a new way to decrease an expense and earmark that money instead to savings. Many monetary issues are just mindsets and habits which are both changeable.

7. Debt

This may have snuck up during December. Have a review of all your current debt. Write down your payment order and vow to pay off your debt. Tackle your high interest debt first.

Start as you mean to go on with an easy-going, focused mindset this year. Don't forget about leading your Time and Money. It's going to be a great year!


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