Enjoying the Christmas season! Here are our tips...

Every family member gets celebrated. Every colleague has to be somewhere. Every friend is to be seen. Before we go on break to refresh and revitalise, we leave you with our top tips to enjoy these wonderful few weeks of community and fun.

1. Focus

The December year end is about celebrating our different communties – family, friends and work. Say yes to things that involve seeing those people you treasure.

2. “Traditions were made by dead people”

I am not sure who first said this but it is a great statement. Modernize family, work and friend traditions to fit today's schedules and desires. Recipes can be the hardest to let go of. Stay with the overall idea - just evolve the process.

3. Gifts

The gift of time is possibly what we most need. Babysitting for someone tight on cash or going to see a show with someone and you each pay your own ticket.

P.S. Kids – they really do need so much less than we think. Go creative or find anything that gets them outside in nature.

4. Enjoying the days

Take breaks between festivities. Nap. Read a magazine. Go for a walk. And remember that your sleep is a prerequisite to showing up for yourself and all those around you.

5. Have a budget

I stuff cash in envelopes to make me aware when I am about to spend past my limits.


There is always something to be grateful for. Be especially grateful for the people in your life. Even the ones who annoy you... They're probably the ones that help you to grow.

Holidays are about celebrating our community. Thank you for being a part of ours.

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