Are You Spending Enough Time on You

Money isn't the only thing we spend. How we spend our TIME has the largest influence on our finances.

To be a true leader of our lives, so we may show up in full for ourselves and everyone else, we must be a full participant in deciding how we spend our time. We have different parts of ourselves which need nourishing and only we know what we need... Only we can make time in our schedule for ourselves.

Society in all its forms - social media, tribes, school pick ups, partners, kids, pets - they all pull us. How do we continue to become ourselves amongst the noise? Your weekly schedule is just as relevant as your bank account.

Our Financial Planning Tool helps you organize your time and allows you to clearly see the areas you wish to spend more or less time on to achieve your dreams. All it takes is 10 minutes a week - We will help you proactively manage your schedule and use it to monitor the use of your money for a happier life and more balanced life.

If you have questions, email us direct - Only us humans answer.


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