5 Financial Resolutions you should make in 2020

There are 36 days left of 2019! – Where would you like to be this time next year?

Try recording it and then use these easy 5 Resolutions to stay on track...

1. Outsource

Ask household members and other members of your community for help to maintain the goals you set for your precious 168 hours a week. Talking about your goals can really help you stay accountable!

2. Check in on your money weekly

Spend ten minutes each week to check in on how you spent your money so you can stay alert and on track with your budgets.

3. House clean outs

Keep your field of vision clear by cruising through your home and finding items you can sell or donate. There's nothing like a clean and cleared out closet! Plus keeping things cleaned out can help you realize what you really need and what you really DON'T need.

4. Have unaccountable "play" money

Try keeping a separate fund or account for money that can fund the stuff that makes us smile. Place a set amount of money in your own personal account monthly which in unanswerable to anyone else and that won't affect your monthly expenses.

5. Establish an Emergency Fund

Think about establishing an Emergency Fund if you don't already have one. An Emergency Fund is about 3 – 6 months of expenses in an account you cannot easily access to keep in case you face tougher times. We'll talk more about Emergency Funds next soon!


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