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Finance freedom is about time, not money

How many times are you going to say I wish? I wish I knew how to pay off my debt quicker. I wish I knew how to invest in my future. So here is your first piece of advice: stop wishing and start making moves. Hoping for something doesn't make it happen any sooner.

So, I rounded up my best tried and true tips to shift your mindset around money.

#1 Focus should be on finding balance

Most people have a scarcity mindset when it comes to money. A scarcity mindset becomes challenging to break when you begin to restrict yourself in every way possible to put everything you earn towards debt. So instead, the focus should be on developing healthy money habits and learning how to spend and save responsibly.

Otherwise, your mindset around money is going to feel exhausting.

#2 Convenience is a form of self-care

Today finding downtime feels like a chore in and of itself, and most of us still struggle to allow ourselves to relax without feeling guilty. Some of us even go as far as to call ourselves 'lazy' for convenience. Now, I embrace these costs.

At the end of the day, those fees lessen stress and save time. It's a great way to understand what purchases to consider worthwhile versus the investments you can live without.

#3 Financial freedom is about the power of choice

Financial freedom is about time, not money. Something I've learned through my financial journey is that turning down money for the things I love doing is the best investment for my mindset.

Society has placed pressure on most people to:

  1. Follow traditional money milestones

  2. Own a home

  3. Adapt hustle culture for a financially secure future

In reality, developing new money habits and putting your future first takes time and intention. Taking the time to understand the psychological and emotional side of a dollar can impact not only your money mindset but your financial future.

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