Your dreams need a plan.

Glance Details & Motivation

Finance is a pillar of our wellbeing.  
Are yours still on a spreadsheet?


Life is unpredictable  so we’ve designed AFIREfi to move with you, 100% Mobile Friendly.

  • Stay motivated with progress bars, trophies, fun charts and notifications about danger spots.

  • Easy unique copyrighted navigation bar quickly gets you to the section you need.

  • Feel confident with real-time syncing across all devices with secure data handling. 


Adaptable Learning

Find Quick Tips along the way, grab a Summary for bigger concepts or go for a deep dive into the full Bonfire Guide

Whatever guidance you need it's only a tap or two away.

Beautifully Illustrated Guide

For those who want the full experience, think of the Bonfire Guide as your own personal life design coach & financial planner.  Accessible throughout the App, it shows you how to organize your information with our holistic approach to personal finances.


Over 50 award winning illustrations bring these concepts to life and illuminate your steps along the way.



Dreams & Goals

This is about more than just numbers. It’s about realizing the life you want to live, then planning the habits, time and money to fulfill those dreams. 

Know your Worth

You no longer have to blindly guesstimate how much you have!

The dynamic Net Worth calculator helps you make proactive decisions about your Assets & Debt.

Use your Assets

You have to see what you have to know what you need.  Are you funding your Dreams with the correct Assets?  How long can your Assets sustain your spending?

It’s about Time...

Begin new money habits here.
Money isn’t all we spend. Does the way you invest your Time everyday bring you joy?  

Build stash & know how long it will last

Easily track the flow of cash in and out of your Accounts. Build stash and stay ahead of expenses! 

A Better Budget

Not all expenses are created equal.

How is the money you put towards Savings stacking up against daily maintenance and debt repayments?  Too much?  Too little?  Adjust here.

Find Freedom

Knowledge breeds confidence.  

Understanding more about your debt can help you decide if it is serving you or not?

Your Story. 

Your Finances.

Use life-design concept to write your financial story with inspiration from your own

  • Financial Aspirations

  • Habit & Idea Journalling

  • Community Identification

Beautiful visuals & illustrations thoughout.

Personal Support & Resources

We are always AfireFi's first users.
Contact us anytime - only us humans answer.  

Our Free Resources and Social Media sites provide new knowledge and insights weekly.

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