Working on the stock market trading floors, I had a unique vantage point to view the news of the world and each story's impact on humanity.  Whether in New York, Tokyo or London, my alarm went off at 5.03am and I leapt out of bed. 


It was a supportive environment which helped me grow personally and professionally but after 17 years,  it was time to engage with the world in a different way.

We were amassing the things we, businesses, kids, partners, stuff!...but often days came and went without doing the things which mades us, well, us, the management of money was often ignored.

With some air in my schedule I as able to see it...

For a few months I surfed, rafted, filled many journals and chilled with friends before running into that person who just "got me" in Barbados.  I remained to build a house, have a curious daughter, invest in property and stocks and investigate how to best take my experience and make an impact.

So, I began to create. 

Time and Money

are pillars of our well-being. 


We needed an easy enjoyable way of managing both.

I began because whether I liked it or not, I understood finance better than most and because I felt my childhood love of writing and art could take the stuffing out of finance.  

Whatever the scary monster in your financial closet,

we have created an easy way for you to tame it.

#Strongis making decisions to lead our way instead of surviving our mistakes.

#Strongis deciding to change when we need to change.

- Patricia Whittaker

Patricia graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance/International Business. Holding her Series 7 and Series 63, she worked on the international equity market trading floors of Cazenove, UBS, Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette, Credit Suisse and Lazard Freres in direct contact with the firms’ Trading and Corporate finance departments. Her clients included large retirement institutions and hedge funds. Since leaving the markets she has maintained her own portfolio of securities and property.

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