I was ten when I plowed head-first into a brick wall...intentionally

Disconnected from parents during the day on the streets of Queens, my girlfriends and I found our first lessons in risk taking. When I was ten I made a calculated decision to turn my roller skates into a brick wall to avoid speeding cars on the quickly approaching double yellow-lined road. I can still feel the impact on my forehead.


Driven by my family’s Italian immigrant back story, I prioritized high school but often woke at 2am to write poems and songs for friends in rock bands.  As a solid math student, I maneuvered from the local community college to NYU and worked a receptionist job on Wall street to pay rent. In their trading room was all the news of the world, the strife and happiness it caused humanity, and the quest to understand the change it would cause before it happened.  It was the perfect blend of math and creativity.  I declared a major and began a successful 17-year career within the stock markets of NY, Tokyo and London. 


Being one of only a handful of women among two hundred men created opportunity; we stood out and we needed each other. 


There was some resistance including a fabulously failed woman’s dinner, but slowly a community formed and to this day we continue to quote lines from trips we did together.

As fast as I knew the markets were a place for me, a panic attack gave me the sensation of skating towards that double yellow line again and I quickly changed course by resigning from my job. 


Without a plan, I enjoyed a few months of adventure with girlfriends before falling in love in Barbados and remaining to make a career out of investing my own money, build a home and have a curious daughter.


Now interacting with the world in different ways, I observed, as women we were amassing the things we desired, careers, businesses, kids, pets, partners, but days often came and went without doing the things which made us, well, us, and the management of money was often ignored or subcontracted leaving us ignorant and vulnerable. 

Time and money are pillars of our well-being and we needed to do a better job at leading both of them.


So, I began to create, not at 2am but at 8am.  I began because whether I liked it or not, I understood finance better than most and because I felt my childhood love of writing and art could take the stuffing out of finance.  I wrote for women whose questions about money could not be answered during a flight layover and for the bright bliss in the faces my growing daughter brings home.  I wrote to my husband so maybe he could see what I could not explain.


I created in tribute to a kind mother whose tolerance prevented her from blooming her best self and due to a father, whose perseverance passed onto me.  I created in thanks to a Grandmother whose ocean crossing gave her family new opportunities and in spite of a guidance counselor who never mentioned "writer" as a career choice.  I created in partnership with the team in the credits who put a bit of their soul into each piece of art, editing, app production and marketing. 


AFIREfi has emerged as a tool and a community.

Part Financial guide and part Time stooge, this is so much more than just another budget app. It is a safe space to dream, plan and make damn sure we stay true to ourselves.  

It has been a transformative two-year journey from conception to launch; when yellow lines appear now, I glance around and see friendships, built brick by brick over time who help me find my brakes.  I will always wear my skates; the world needs me to, just as we need you to be at your best and share your gifts with the world.

#Strongis making decisions to lead our way instead of surviving our mistakes.

#Strongis deciding to change when we need to change.

Join us on this intuitive, habit changing journey to re-write your unique financial story. 

Our New & Improved Guided App has just launched!

- Patricia Whittaker

Patricia graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance/International Business. Holding her Series 7 and Series 63, she worked on the international equity market trading floors of Cazenove, UBS, Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette, Credit Suisse and Lazard Freres in direct contact with the firms’ Trading and Corporate finance departments. Her clients included large retirement institutions and hedge funds. Since leaving the markets she has maintained her own portfolio of securities and property.

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