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Thriving in the chaos of stock markets in Tokyo, New York, UK, and Europe for 17 years and taking risks of my own - including making my own money mistakes, and consuming unidentifiable food in Japan - I decided to engage with the world of finance in a different way.

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Understanding finance better than most people...

I had a unique vantage point to view the news of the world and each story's impact on humanity. Whether in New York, Tokyo, or London, my alarm went off at 5:03 AM and I lept out of bed.

It was a supportive environment that helped me grow personally and professionally but after 17 years it was time to engage with the world in a different way.

With some air in my schedule, I was able to see it...

Time and money are pillars of well-being and we need an easy and enjoyable way of managing both. 

So I began to create, AfireFi.

I took what many people deemed as “scary” and made it easy and enjoyable through AfireFi. 

I guide you to make the best financial descision for yourself by unveiling your current financial state, identifying your goals, and developing good money habits. 

You weren't meant to be on this journey alone. 

AfireFi is designed to help you navigate your financial journey by pacing your priorities to your lifestyle (and the sh*t life throws at you) by providing you with the tools you need, when you need it.

Speech bubble that reads, "COVID has emptied my savings!"
Speech bubble that reads, "I'm ready to expand my business!"
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You weren't meant to be on this journey alone

Illustration of a girl holding a balloon that reads, "Look for the Girl with the Sun in her Eyes." by Catherine Cummins for Afirefi

Through Afirefi, you'll have everything you need to reach your goals.

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